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NIFT entrance coaching

NIFT is a leading institute in the field of fashion technology and design. It offers several undergraduate and postgraduate courses at its campus. At one time, one student can select only one programme in the NIFT course.

Prepare for the Situation test

Now that the written exams for all the PG and UG courses have finished, the selected candidates need to prepare for their Situation Test, Group Discussion, and Interview. This takes place April – May 2017and they will declare the results by the end of May 2017. One can get NIFT entrance coaching in Delhi from any of the coaching centres in Delhi.

The NIFT 2017 official dates are as given below:

Situation Test/Group Discussion/Interview                          April-May 2017

Result Declared                                                                              End of May/June 2107

NIFT Counselling                                                                          June 2017 onwards

In the field of Fashion & Technology, NIFT offers the following courses:

Undergraduate courses – B.Des./B.F.Tech

Postgraduate courses – M.F.M./ M.F.Tech/M.Des.

Testing process in the Situation Test

Situation test assessment

In the Situation Test, they test your innovative qualities and the ability to handle material. They provide you with material and you must work with them. This test has a duration of 3 hours and the valuation is done for a total of 100 marks.

The model you create will undergo evaluation for composition of elements, creative ability in the use of material given, space visualisation, overall presentation, finesse of the model, construction skill, and colour scheme. They compare this with the writeup you give explaining the concept behind your action. The test and instructions are in English.

You must see that any mention of your personal identity or use of identification marks automatically disqualifies you. The test evaluation is done on the spot. They will not preserve anything for the future.

NID studio test preparation

Students how have attempted and passed the first phase of the entrance exam for B.Des./GDPD/M.Des. can appear for the NID Studio Test. This takes place at the Ahmedabad campus of NID for all students from India and has two portions. One is the Creative Ability Test (CAT) and the second is the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The weightage is 30% for CAT and 70% for MCQ.

This test has a weightage of 50% towards the final selection. During this phase of the selection they select three times the needed number of candidates. In this test, they test your Doodling Skills, ability in 3D Model Making, and do Audio Visual Testing, Portfolio and Interview. For the M.Des. this test takes place separately for each individual discipline.

The important dates for the NID candidates are as given below:

DAT Prelim results for B.Des. and GDPD                                                                16:00 Hrs 28 Feb 2017

Download Admit cards for DAT Mains B.Des./GDPD                                         16:00 Hrs 07 Mar 2017

DAT Mains M.Des. Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gandhinagar                                  13 – 31 Mar 2017

DAT Mains in Ahmedabad for B.Des. and GDPD                                                   15 – 20 May 2017

Merit List 1 for M.Des.                                                                                                   14:00 Hrs 2 May 2017

Merit List 1 for B.Des. and GDPD                                                                               14:00 Hrs 31 May 2017

Join a good coaching centre and become thorough with the subject. Remember that they choose more candidates than they need. Preparation helps you beat the competition.

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