NID and NIFT Aspirants Prepare for the Studio Test and Personal Interview

NID studio test

Design course aspirants have set their sights on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at NID and NIFT. The test results for the M. Des were announced on 5 November 2106. These courses are a test to determine the truly talented people who have an aptitude for work in films and making documentaries.

Download the admit cards

Since the time for the entrance exam has passed, those who have appeared and done well will want to prepare for the next stages in the entrance exam, namely the Studio Test and the Personal Interview. As those who do the NIFT entrance preparation will know, admit cards and schedule can be downloaded from the official NID site starting November 12, 2016.

The studio test

The second stage of the entrance test is the studio test. Here you have two sessions. In the first session, the students have to project their imagination in the form of drawings and sketches. The while thing must convey some idea or a message. This will be tough but if you have enough practice, you can do it.

In the next session, you are given some material to work with. This is clay or string and you must make some object. This means you have to make a box, or a cage that you can use to transport or keep items in. This portion of the studio test needs preparation. If you are adept at making small toys, then this is a breeze for you.


Join the coaching class

However, the correct preparation lies in getting the coaching. Many of the students are joining the NID studio test preparation center for getting coaching. Here they get classroom training and live sessions where they interact with the teachers to explain or put across their point.

Carry your material

You will need to carry the basic writing material such as a pen, pencil, rubber, some adhesive, and things like that. You have to put your imaginative skill to the test in the thematic test. In this, you have to observe an object for some time. Then, you are asked to draw it.

Answer the psychology test

And then you have the psychology test. There is an incomplete figure given. The lines do not complete and your duty is to complete them. The idea you convey must be good. In all your models and drawing, the ratio of the limbs and face must be passable. Get the proportion right if you need to pass the test.

Prepare the answers thoroughly

And lastly, you need to have a perspective on what the design field is. They ask you questions such as – where is the design field leading? Or, how do you fit in with the rest of the design team? You can prepare for these questions by looking at the previous year’s question papers.

In the Personal Interview, you must show your carriage. The way you make an impression with your walk and talk is important. The confidence is apparent when you have the right answers to all the questions. Again, joining a coaching class will help you become acclimatized with the questions. Check with the leading coaching centres near your place and join one.

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