Need of joining a coaching class for design entrance?

Art & Design

Appearing in various design entrance examination is the gateway to get admission in the prestigious art & design colleges. These institutes are the dream ventures for many design, fashion, architecture & art career aspirants. Every year many of the talented students are left behind as they become unable to put their best on the few pieces of paper primarily due to lack of proper guidance and materials. In this context that the design entrance aspirants understand the complexities of creativity, design, innovation skills, drawing & general ability tests, used as the primary selection criteria by the premier institutes, and gear up their preparation in the right direction, the various coaching institutes for the last few years have successfully been conducting design entrance exam coaching classes with a good success track record.

Areas covered: The programs offered by the institutes are perfect for students in class X to XII and college, preparing for various prestigious designs entrance exams. To bring out the best from the creative career aspirants, the various programs provided by the coaching institutes are not limited to the syllabus but more or less cover the following areas in depth:

Drawing Fundamentals, Perspective & Proportions, Composition & Scene drawing, Object drawing, Human/ Animal/ Bird anatomy, Sequence drawing & story boards, Creative thinking, General knowledge, ,Elements and principles of design, Colour Theory, Aesthetic sensibility, Visualization, Inspiration based designing, Designing for a purpose, Symbolism and visual design, Optical Illusion, Picture Analysis, Imagination and design exposure, Aesthetics, Context analysis, Visual order and Craft skills, Visual perception and logic, Organizational principles, Observational skills, Logic and ordering principle, Quantitative ability, Communication Ability, English comprehension, Analytical ability, Cultural studies, etc.

The design entrance exam coaching provided by the institutes consists of thorough analysis of each and every topic mentioned above.

Features of a good coaching Institute:

The students must get personalized attention with customized delivery focusing on their goals in these institutes. Qualitative creative career assessment helping them properly defines their career objectives. Innovative, fun classes are also there to give the students relaxation and refreshment with exhaustive course coverage. Interactive teaching with constructive feedback is provided by the institute. The expert team gives their best to make design entrance toppers along with highest success rate.

Although small,the institutes never quit giving their heart and soul to the work. Various senior expert professionals have joined in these institutes to teach different specialist areas. Complete career guidance – right from ‘online form filling’ to ‘admission in colleges’- they take care of all of these. Various additional creative workshops and expert talks to widen the student’s creative horizon, art and design field trips are also there. Other facilities i.e. elaborate situation/ studio test preparation, portfolio development of international level are provided to the students. Extensive personal care to each and every student is given to achieve their goal.

These institutes help the students to study efficiently and effectively, boost confidence in them and show the way towards their dream.


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