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NID studio test

Now that the results for the DAT prelims have come out, you can check whether you have qualified or not. Depending on how you did your Design Aptitude Test in Stage 1 of the entrance exam, they will call you for the second stage.

To bring your focus on the competition and the way to prepare be sure to do what the others are doing. Join a NID coaching classes in Delhi and get fully prepared to qualify in the entrance examination.

NID coaching

DAT Tests in different stages

Stage 2 is the Studio Test and in Stage 3, they conduct the Personal Interviews. You can go to the official website of NID to get the hall tickets for Stage 2 and Stage 3.

In the Stage 2 Studio test of candidates for B. Des course, the tests in the DAT Mains will consist of a series of formats that includes drawing and sketching, model making, group discussions, and presentations. They conduct this test in English and it is for a total of 100 marks. This test will take place at NID Ahmedabad.

The Stage 2 Studio tests for the M. Des candidates too will follow the same format. The NID Interviews take place right after the Studio test. Here is the list of test centres for DAT mains for M. Des candidates.

Test centre Ahmedabad

  • Animation Film Design
  • Textile Design
  • Ceramic and Glass Design
  • Product Design
  • Film and Video Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Furniture Design

Test centre Bengaluru

  • Information Design
  • Digital Game Design
  • Design for Retail Experience
  • Universal Design
  • Interaction Design

Test centre Gandhinagar

  • Photography Design
  • New Media Design
  • Lifestyle Accessory Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Transportation and Automobile Design
  • Toy and Game Design
  • Strategic Design Management

Important dates for the examination

Here is the list of important dates for the entrance examination.

DAT Prelims result for M. Des 7-Feb
Download Admit Card for DAT Main for M. Des 14-Feb
DAT Prelim result for B. Des and GDPD 28-Feb
Download Admit card for B. Des and GDPD DAT Mains 7-Mar
DAT Mains for M. Des 13-31 March
DAT Mains for B. Des and GDPD 15-20 May
Announce Merit list I for M. Des 2-May
Announce Merit list I for B. Des and GDPD 31-May

Use free time well

Practice your creativity by making models out of straw, clay, bamboo, and string. You must get the ratios right in your drawings. Make sketches and ask your friends for their opinion often. You might have a different perspective on certain issues in life. Be sure to talk often to your family members so you can correct your opinion on world matters. Having the support of your family and friends will ensure your success in the examinations. They test your knowledge on current affairs. So, keep up with the news and form opinions on all important topics.

Do not delay your preparations as most of your competitors have joined coaching classes. Even though you may know everything, when you have coaching from the experts who have sent thousands of students to their career success, you gain more confidence.

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