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How To Prepare For NIFT Entrance Test


Have you ever wondered how those famous fashion designers are able to produce the beautiful attires and accessories? It is true that pure talent, creativity, and innovativeness is required for designing such masterpieces. But you also need proper training, guidance, and knowledge. All these aspects are what is being taught at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). It is known as the number one institute in India for the designers who would like to have a career in this glamorous industry.

The coaching centres:

Getting admission in NIFT is not very easy due to limited seats and a large number of candidates. NIFT entrance exam coaching classes in Delhi will help you to some extend to crack the entrance exam for NIFT admission. But you would also need to have creativity, passion and hard work to confirm your seat in this college.

The entrance exam for NIFT consists of General Aptitude Test and Creative Aptitude Test. This is the same format for a graduate programme called as Bachelor of Design (B. Des) and for the post graduate programme called as Master of Design (M. Des). There are various streams and electives available for both the graduation and post- graduation courses.

NIFT Courses

The test:

Design entrance preparation must start with having good knowledge about the exam format, course and institute.You need to have a clear idea of what you can expect for the test; you also need to finalise the course which you are planning to do and the institute you want to join. This will help you to have a focused vision. NIFT website offers an Aid kit which will help you for entrance exam preparation. It is a good idea to go through this kit and practice your skills.

The General Aptitude Test will contain questions related to Maths, Logical Reasoning, Verbal ability, critical reasoning, etc. This is something which is common for all competitive exams. There are lots of practice materials which is available on the internet using which you can sharpen your skills. For the Creative Aptitude Test, you need the creative skills and practice. You mya be asked to draw something, create a poster, doodle, etc. Your imagination and innovativeness can create a unique design which will help you to crack this round of test. You will also be asked to build a 3D Model at the test centre. The supplies required for building the model will be provided by the administrators.

Time management is going to be critical for cracking this kind of entrance tests. Even if you have a mind blowing idea which will accurately showcase your creativity, it does not matter if you cannot finish it on time. So keep a close watch on the time and make sure you will able to finish what you have started within the time provided.

It is importance to be confident and calm when you are taking the entrance tests. Most of the time presence of mind can help you to do the impossible tasks. So be calm and cool and let your creativity do the talking!

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