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Coaching Classes for NID And Other Design Entrance Tests

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Students who finish the schooling this year will search for a suitable career line that will suit their talent and personality. Many choose engineering and medical line but there are some with artistic ability who want to take up the fashion and design line.

Good demand for designers

The fashion and design line is lucrative and the people in the top posts in this vocation draw a bigger salary than engineers and doctors. Top fashion and textile houses search for the best talent each year. So, you must make sure your preparations are up to the mark by taking entrance exam coaching.

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Before you begin your design entrance coaching you must decide where you want to join. This may be difficult before you finish your school studies. But, it is good to keep a target in mind all the time. It helps you focus even if you don’t achieve the target you set in your mind.

Check out the top colleges

Here are the top colleges that have fashion and design courses. Each of them varies in the syllabus and the duration of the courses. But, you are sure to get a top deign job if you complete a course in these colleges. The top design exams in India are as these:

  • NID Entrance Exam
  • Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
  • NIFT Entrance exam
  • All India Entrance Exam for Design (AIEED)
  • CEED
  • SOFT Entrance Exam
  • SEAT
  • SET for Design
  • IICD Entrance Exam

Local coaching centres in Delhi

Local boys and girls in Delhi can avail of the services of the numerous coaching centres. They can check for the popularity of the centre and compare the fees before they join. The coaching centre that produces the best results is the logical choice for everyone.

Most design course aspirants aim to join NID, NIFT, or Pearl Academy since these are the top three institutes. For this reason, one can find many centres giving NID coaching classes in Delhi. All of them teach the entire syllabus but they differ in the way they teach the students.

NIFT entrance coaching

Video coaching class

One of the popular teaching methods is to provide online video lectures. This is helpful since it allows the student and the teacher to act independent of each other. The teacher records the classroom session in history her own time. The student watches the video at his or her own pace, stopping the video when they need a rest. They continue with the lesson when they want.

The disadvantage of this system is that the student cannot talk to the teacher and clear his doubts. The teacher for his or her part cannot find out if the student is learning everything or not. This is overcome by the next method that uses classroom sessions.

Classroom coaching classes

When you have classroom sessions, the interaction between the teacher and the student is perfectly established. The doubts are cleared in time and the student understands more and retains more. Here the drawback is that the student and the teacher must travel daily to reach the classroom.

You must visit the coaching institute and find out which is most suitable for you. Get the opinion of your father and mother as well as your friends as this will help a great deal.

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