Begin Your Design Career with Confidence Take Coaching Classes in Delhi


The time has come for those design course aspirants to do some serious preparation for the second stage of the entrance test. This is the Studio test and as formidable as it sounds, if you prepare well, you will have nothing to worry about.

Get good support from coaching classes

Students residing in Delhi have an advantage as you have plenty of coaching centres that prepare you for the entrance exam. You can join any of the recognised coaching centres that help you with the NIFT entrance preparation and develop good confidence to take the exam.

Check the best line for you

By now you should have decided the course you want to join. These are varied and will take you to a specialised field much different from the others. These include the following:

  • Film and Video Communication
  • Textile Design
  • Furniture & Interior Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Ceramic & Glass Design
  • Animation Film Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design

Prepare for the Studio Test

The way to prepare for the Studio is three-fold. First, prepare your portfolio. This will consist of your bio data, your personal goals and achievements, and your general background. Include the handi works and sketches in your achievements even if you have not won any prizes.


Second, prepare for the questions. The Studio Test will have two sessions. The first session is your doodling test. Here you make sketches of the ideas you think worth sharing. This idea may be from the news or a joke you saw or made up yourself.

In the second session, you have to show your creative side. They ask you to make objects out of clay and hay, paper and string, or just about anything. So, prepare by practising making paper and clay objects.

Read up the latest news

Lastly, read the news and be up to date with the current affairs. Go over some of the old question papers so you have an idea of what they will ask. Prepare the answers you know and ask others if you do not have the answer to others. They will ask you question such as what makes you interested in design or what led you to the design field. In addition, they will try to find which your strongest field is and orient you towards better success in that.

Prepare for the Personal Interview

The last stage of the entrance test is the most important. This is the Personal Interview where they will check your attitude and carriage. If you prepare and do well for the Studio test, this attitude will come naturally to you. You will have more confidence when you have the answer to the probable questions they will ask you. So, you will do well to take up coaching classes.

Join the top centres that give NIFT coaching in Delhi today. This way you get more exposure and training for the exam. You get all the answers to the routine questions along with classroom training for the test.

Become prepared and establish the first step in your career in a positive way. When this is done, you find the confidence and develop the mettle to strike the winning attitude in your career. But, like everyone else, you need the help to tackle the competition with a positive spirit.


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