All You Need To Know To Enhance Your Creativity Level, To Clear Designing Exams

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Creativity is a term that confuses the people most during the preparation of design exams. The reason for this confusion is the unavailability of the formulated definition of this term. Even the available definitions don’t satisfy the needs of the students. Hence, it is better to understand the creativity as a concept rather than in a form of definition.

According to the experts, creativity is what brings something new in the picture. But that new idea should be practical, so that, it can be adopted by the other people. If said with simpler words, creativity is what one gets after hundreds of hours of practice. And the practice is what generates the new pathways of solving a problem in the mind of the person. That is why students preparing for different designing exams indulge in the art and design courses in IndiaThe exposure to the new point of views allows the students to leave their own metal boundaries and move a little further with their ideas.


But, taking up a course is not enough to reach the greatest level of excellence. It requires mental preparation from the person in order to start the journey. The road that takes you to the creative destination starts outside your house. So, you need to come out of the house on your own. The house symbolizes the bubble of the brain that doesn’t allow you to think freely. And that bubble needs to be broken.

Use following habits to enhance your creative ability in the designing.

  1. Avoid the satisfaction

The only thing that makes creative people creative is their unsatisfied nature. Creative people don’t look at their work and get impressed by it so easily. The lust for innovation never leaves their mind.

The student preparing for any designing exam needs to keep this point in mind. He or she needs to crave for innovation. It is the satisfaction that takes away all the chances of new idea creation. Hence, it is really important that as a student, designers always stay hungry from the mind.

  1. Try to find mistakes in your design

As you lose the satisfaction, the brain starts finding major and minor mistakes in the designs. The sketches start appearing amateur and ask you to put more effort. But there is one more ingredient that is required for this behaviour, and that is “determination”. If the determination is not there, the person will start losing confidence and depressed brain can’t become creative at all. Hence, it is really important that you determine yourself before becoming unsatisfied.

  1. Know more and more

The innovation is a process of making new ideas with the available ones in the brain. Hence, the more you know, the better. Take designing courses for the preparation, use social media to connect with top designers, and do everything that can increase your knowledge.

Finally, keep sharing your thoughts with experienced teachers and be ready to take criticism. Use these tips and you will reach the maximum potential of your creative abilities.



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