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Srishti School of Art, Design, And Technology

Located in Bengaluru, India, Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology is a prestigious educational institution of Ujwal Trust.

More about Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology

Founded in 1996, the institution provides an educational and creative environment for the students. The Ujwal trust manages the institution with the sole objective of enhancing the potential of each and every student.

Srishti provides the best of the best facilities for the students. The audio-video teaching method allows the students to grab and understand the topics better. Along with the world-class teaching method, the institution is also known for its amazing library having books, journals, and even the audio-video collection. The wireless network is available for the students. Both the Windows and Macintosh platforms get the wireless facility.

The textile workshop of the institution is available for the students as well. This wood and metal workshop are situated in-house, which makes it convenient for the students to easily access the prototypes, structures, and installations.

Courses Available at Srishti

At Srishti, one gets to choose among many different courses under the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Here are the academic programs offered by the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology:

  1. Accessory Design

  2. Fashion Design

  3. Fashion Communication

  4. Knitwear Design

  5. Textile Design

  6. Leather Design

1. Technical Diploma in Graphic Design

The technical diploma in graphic design is provided at Srishti - i-Nurture Collaboration at

Deccan Education Society’s Fergusson Academy of Creative Sciences, Pune.

During the program, the students are exposed to the practical graphic design skills. Plus, the projects are given, so that, the students can gain the real industry technicalities and become ready to work as a professional right away.

Duration: The duration of this course is One Year and available for the candidates who have passed their 12th standard.

2. Foundation Studies Program in Art & Design

At Srishti, students are provided the foundation studies program having a holistic approach towards the technicalities and skills in art and design. The students learn to maximize their creative potential by working on their technical skills. The program includes the conceptual understanding of the art, design, and technology as well. This approach prepares the students to build a strong professional mindset to enter the industry.

Duration: The duration of the foundation studies program is one year. The students who have passed their 12th standard can apply for the course.

3. Undergraduate Professional Diploma Program in Art & Design

The institution offers the undergraduate diploma program in various sectors of art and design. The students are taught about the professional skills and gather specialty in the particular field of the industry. The teachers are the ones having great knowledge and understanding of the real industry scenarios. The specialists in the fields come to train the students for their professional career.

Duration: The undergraduate professional diploma program has the duration of three years. The students who have passed their 12th standard successfully along with one year of undergraduate studies in any field can apply for the program.

4. Post Graduate Advanced Diploma Program

In the post-graduate program, the students achieve a deeper level of understanding of the art and design. The practical approach of the program develops the creativity and applicable skills. The students get knowledge about the art, design and all the technical aspects of working as a professional in the industry.

Along with the theoretical and practical approach, the students get to work with the established professional in the art and design industry. The artists, designers, educators, researchers, curators and the experts in different fields help the students to reach their maximum potential of creativity

Duration: There are two duration periods of the post graduate programs. Some are for one year, while the others take two years. The candidates having an undergraduate degree or any other equivalent can apply for the program. Plus, the candidates having the significant working experience in the field, along with the portfolio and the written evidence can apply for the program at Srishti. However, it is important to understand the specific requirements of the specialization that the candidate wants to apply for.

5. Ph.D. Program in Art and Design

To evolve the knowledge and research abilities in the field of art and design, the professionals can apply for the doctoral program. The program inculcates the advanced skills in design and scholarly work. The students explore the art and design field through rigorous research to gather knowledge, perspective and understand various concepts. During the program, the students are required to indulge in multiple scholarly research, design, and production.

In design, the students understand and explore the philosophies, techniques, and practice to create new products. The engineering solutions are also a part of the course, which develops the ability to create highly effective designs. Along with that, the system design, architecture, and urban design are also taught in detail.

In the art, the creative works and artistic practices are included. Students learn from experiments and develop an advanced level of concepts.

Duration: The duration of the Ph.D. program is one and two years, depending on the specialization.

Admission Criteria

1. For the admission in technical diploma in graphic design, the candidate needs to have passing marks in 12th standard.

2. For the admission in undergraduate diploma courses, one needs to have passing marks in 12th standard, along with the one year of undergraduate studies in any field.

3. The post graduate program requires one to have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent.

However, it is important to carefully understand the specific criteria of the specific specialization.

Admission dates (Notification and final admission)

At ICAD, we provide you all information regarding the notifications and the final admission dates as well. The updated list is available here for the candidates who want to apply.


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