Situational and Studio Test Course

This Course includes only the preparation for situation test of all design Entrances. Situation test as the term means, the student will be given a situation or theme with some unconventional materials and out of those materials, student have to make 3D model acc. to the theme and situation with a written script for the model

Main points should be taken into consideration while making a model

  • Quality of material manipulation
  • Innovative ideas (innovation and creative use of given material)
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Neatness
  • Conceptualization Skills
  • Working Methodology
  • Space Visualization
  • Composition of Elements
  • Colour Scheme
  • Construction Skills
  • Finesse of the model and overall presentation

It will basically includes all kind of soft materials and hard materials and their uses in different fields and categories. Recycling and ecofriendly designs will also be a part of it.

Some of the example of Situations  are as follows.

  1. Design a stage of a Ramp Show

    Materials Provided: Thermocol (A3 Size), Pastel Sheet, Silver/Golden paper sheets, Copper wire and Transparency sheets (A4 Size)
  2. Design a bedside Lamp

    Materials Provided: Thermocol (A4 Size), Mount Board (A3 Size), Pastel sheet-3 (A4 Size), Silver/Golden paper, 3 Straws, Copper wire, Students are judged on the basis of their- innovativeness

Clever and Creative handling of given materials an appropriate theme and writing skills.

  1. Design a space for outside of a mall.
  2. Create a medal to be awarded for best gymnast.
  3. Create a theatre space.
  4. Create an award for best teacher or a painter.
  5. Create a model on water conservation.
  6. Design a futuristic clock.
  7. Design a gadget that helps better communication between a mother and new born.


2 Test Series will be conducted according to the choice of Design Entrance including the Phases.

It will include the making of the theme model and the proper write up the Model.


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