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Located in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai, Pearl Academy offers more than 30 advanced programs for undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals.

A glimpse of Pearl Academy

Founded in 1993, Pearl Academy is known as the largest private institution in the field of design, fashion, and other relevant sectors. The international institutions such as London College of Fashion, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), NAB (Milan), Domus Academy (Italy) and many others are partners offering resources and expertise to the Pearl Academy.

With the four campuses, Pearl Academy is one of its kind in the field of design and fashion education. The 100% placement record and the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, are just a few of the marvelous traits of this game-changing institution.

Being the member of the Laureate International Universities network, Pearl Academy serves more than 950,000 students all over the 29 countries.

Courses Available at Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy has designed multiple specific courses to cover every niche of the design and fashion industry.

1. UG program in Fashion Design

The UG program in fashion design brings out the true sense of design and conceptualization through research and creative practice. The course has the validation from the Nottingham Trent University, UK, having the certification from apparel Made-ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC).

During the program, the students go through four levels. While the foundation level allows the students to explore the fundamentals of art and design, and understand the various design process, other levels dig deeper into the fashion design.

Duration: 4 years

2. UG program in Fashion Styling and Image Design

At Delhi and Mumbai, this program is provided with the validation of Nottingham Trent University, UK.

The course includes four levels including the initial foundation level. The basics of design techniques, process, styling, make-up, hair styling, and other image phenomena are taught.

Duration: 4 years

3. UG program in Fashion Media Communication

With the validation of Nottingham Trent University, UK, the course provides the certification of Media & Entertainment Skill Council (MESC).

The four-year program takes the students on a complete journey of fashion communication. At the foundation level, they learn the basics of art and design and various tools as well. Then, the other levels let the students explore the journalism, media, culture, fashion advertising, communication and many other necessary topics.

Duration: 4 years

4. UG Program in Communication Design (Graphics/ Interaction & Digital)

The communication design offers the chance to develop professional skills in the communication design through graphics and digital.

The program takes four years, including the internship in the renowned companies.

Duration: 4 years

5. UG Program in Interior Design

Teaching all about the interior architecture and design, this program is provided in the Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai campuses of the institution.

The four levels of the course ensure that the students achieve a systematic educational environment and understand each and every aspect of the industry. The advanced techniques are taught along with the basic theory and fundamentals of the interior design.

Duration: 4 years

6. UG Program in Product Design

This program includes the creative approach towards the product design. Students get to explore the current social environment and economic conditions to become mature designers.

During the four levels of the program, students go through a step by step process of understanding the product design, techniques, tools and industry requirements.

Duration: 4 years

7. UG program in Lifestyle Accessory Design

The program presents the various design techniques for the lifestyle accessories such as wallets, shoes, jewelry and much more. The students get to practice and evolve their skills.

During the program, the understanding of cultures and the history of design come in front of the students. Understanding the culture and design history, the students cultivate a creative approach towards the process and become able to use the latest tools.

Duration: 4 years

8. UG Program in Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management

With the aim of providing specialist managers to the fashion industry, this program is designed by the experts of Pearl Academy. The understanding of the fashion industry, work economics, and the technicalities make students ready to manage any large corporations.

Duration: 4 years

9. UG Program in Global Luxury Brands Management

The program prepares the students to handle the global luxury brands and evolves the image of the brand. The students cultivate advanced management skills and explore the industry requirements through a practical approach.

Duration: 4 years

10. PG program in Fashion Design

The PG program in fashion design is suitable for the professionals who want to enhance their designing skills and improve the career graph.

The program includes deep researching and understanding of the fashion industry.

Duration: 2 years

11. PG program in Fashion Styling & Image Design

The program includes the styling techniques and the understanding of visual creativity. The students cultivate skills to style and design in the fashion industry.

Duration: 2 years

12. PG program in Fashion Communication

This program is like the journalism program that is focused towards the fashion industry. The students get to learn about communication tools and techniques along with the communication and promotion requirements of the fashion industry.

Duration: 2 years

13. PG program in Communication Design

The professionals seeking a career in communication design can benefit from this program. The practical approach of the program allows the students to gain effective skills to work as a professional in the industry.

Duration: 2 years

14. PG program in Interior Design

The interior design program lets the students dig deeper in the designing techniques.

Duration: 2 years

15. PG program in Fashion business

The students understand the marketing and merchandising techniques in the fashion industry. The global market knowledge is provided to the students.

Duration: 2 years

Admission Criteria

1. For the UG programs, the candidate needs to pass 12th standard with minimum 50% marks.

2. For the PG program, the candidate needs to have a degree in any field.

Admission dates (Notification and final admission)

We provide you all information regarding the latest admission dates.

Why Join ICAD for admission in Pearl Academy

To perform to your best potential in the entrance exams, you need guidance from the experts. At ICAD, we let you get the training and knowledge of the fashion and design by the renowned professionals. The faculty helps you prepare for the entrance in such manner that you become confident about your own performance in the exams.

So, when you want to get admission in Pearl Academy, join ICAD to attain your maximum potentials and perform your best in entrance exams.

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