Master of Fashion Management

The fashion industry has grown worldwide. Now, the large fashion houses ask for highly qualified professionals, who can provide their expertise to the company. This demand has given rise to the special degree courses in the Fashion and Design. One of the course programs offered by NIFT is M.F.M. (Master of Fashion Management). The course is designed for the professionals who want to improve their managerial expertise in the industry and work as key members of large corporations. Many students take this degree to start their own Fashion entrepreneurial journey.

The structure of the program

The course structure is widely focused on the management processes required in the industry along with the knowledge of different sections of fashion and apparel production. The whole course is divided into two semesters introducing the students to different parts of the fashion industry.

The first semester of the program improves the understanding of the students about different sections such as Business Statistics, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Retail Management, Garment Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Managerial Economics. Along with this, the students are exposed to the global fashion scenarios and the trends in the industry. The insight of the organizations is taught in the “Organizational Behaviour”.

While the first semester introduces all the subjects and topics, the second semester lets the students gather a better knowledge of all the topics both vertically and horizontally. The students get deeper and broader understanding of the topics like Finance Management, Strategic Management, Global Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, and the Legal Structure of the Fashion Business.

The scope of the program

The course allows the student to become well-equipped with the managerial skills that are required in the business of Fashion. After taking this degree, one can join the high managerial positions in many large fashion houses and Apparel manufacturing corporations. There is no limit of working areas, as the managerial qualities are required in all parts of the industry. However, the specialized areas will allow you to directly join the work without any sort of further training.

So, shape your future in the fashion industry with the assistance of our professionals at ICAD.



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