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NIFT offers master programs for the professionals, who want to achieve higher qualifications in the fashion industry. Professionals from fashion or another background can indulge in these courses and get a master’s degree in various specializations offered by this prestigious platform.

One can get his or her master degree in Design, Fashion Technology, and Fashion Management. All three programs provide the deepest knowledge of the industry and allow the students to secure a bright future in the fashion industry. Getting a master’s degree in any of these specializations equips to achieve the management level jobs in the large fashion corporations.

1. M. Des. (Master of Design)

The program is designed to train the students for all the challenges in the designing industry. The research approach of the course cultivates the creative abilities in the students to solve the problems through innovative ideas. The practice with the professionals makes the students familiar with the real working scenarios too. Along with that, the marketing structure and the operational requirements in the well-established industries are also taught to the students.

2. M. FTech. (Master of Fashion Technology)

For all the engineers who want to excel in the fashion world, this master program is a like a gift from NIFT. The course of this program is focused towards the techno-managerial skills of the professionals. This is what equips the students to develop skills that are required in the industry. The curriculum makes the student aware of the strategic approach towards the operations of the garment industries.

3. M.F.M. (Master of Fashion Management)

The need for the management skills in the fashion world has allowed the NIFT to introduce this program. The fashion management is all about management of different sectors of the fashion industry. It includes the management of the finance, marketing, retail, customer relations and many other organizational sectors of the industry.

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