B.FTech. Apparel Production

With an aim to bring the skilled professionals in the industry, NIFT offers this program. The course of B. FTech. in apparel production is designed to prepare the students for the current and future requirements of the fashion industry. Both the manufacturing technology and the knowledge of production techniques are two main focal points of the whole course.

The curriculum of the course is designed to ensure that it covers all aspects of the apparel products. The idea is to prepare the students so well that they can start working immediately after getting their degrees. Hence, the flow of the course goes from the lighter foundation to the in-depth research. This is what cultivates the right perspective in the fresh minds.

The structure of the program

The course is divided into four parts that are provided to the students in four years. Every year has its own importance and helps in creating a foundation for the next one.

In the first year, the students find out about the fundamentals of the design and technology of the fashion industry. Plus, they get to understand the management principles that are standard in the apparel production.

In the second year, you get to know about the transformation of raw material into different 2D and 3D patterns. Here the use of different technology improves your knowledge and the information collected in the first year. Special tools and software are introduced in order to enhance your production skills.

The third year is solely dedicated to improving the management and problem-solving capacity of the students. The students get to study and work for the operation management, quality management, merchandising, and costing of the apparel. Exposure is provided to the students about the different topics such as IT applications and sustainable production. All these special approaches cultivate the problem solver inside the students.

Students get to understand the real scenarios through internships, projects, and meeting with the professionals.

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