B.Des Textile Design

Providing the specialization in textile design, B.Des (Textile Designis a four-year degree course offered by NIFT. This course is very famous among the students due to the importance of the degree in the textile industry. Almost all parts of the fashion industry are somehow related to the textile production and marketing. This is the main reason students are attracted towards this degree.

During the course, the students get the education about the textile materials, equipment, marketing, and management of the industry processes. Some inherent capabilities that a student develops during his or her course are the creativity, design application, and the ability to bring the originality in the apparel.

The structure of the program

The course curriculum is divided into four parts taking the students towards the textile excellence step by step.

The first year of the course is designed to provide an overview of the textile industry. All the aspects of the industry are introduced in front of the students, so they can get a glimpse of everything.

The second year is more about getting a broader knowledge of different functions that define the textile industry. The students get to understand about the weaving, printing, dyeing, and embroidery. A few major technologies are also introduced so that the student can experience the work better. With the use of graphic software, the students develop new image creation abilities also.

The third year allows the students to explore the possibilities of craft environment. Plus, they get to learn in depth about all the topics introduced in the second year. Along with that, the marketing and merchandising are also introduced in front of the students. The third year makes a student skilled and an expert of the textile.

During the fourth year, students get to choose a number of subjects and research the industry. A final project is also allotted to the students according to their interests. They get to present their creations in a show.

The scope after the course

This degree covers a wide range of fashion industry and allows you to work in many ways, such as a designer or a marketing head and much more.

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