B.Des Knitwear Design

Being an emerging industry, knitwear is getting more and more famous among the fashion designers. The B.Des (Knitwear Designis designed in order to gather more expert in the knitwear industry. The course provides all sorts of insights such as the designing techniques, industry trends, technologies used and marketing dynamics. All the contents are arranged according to the complexity and let the students gradually understand the knitwear design industry.

The Structure of the program

The structure of the course is divided into four parts. Every part holds its importance; hence, it takes a whole year to complete each part of the curriculum.

The first year is structured to offer an overview of the knitwear design. It also provides the knowledge about the different aspects of the industry.

During the second year of the course, the students learn about the traditional as well as modern methods of knitting. While basic weaving and hand knitting allow the students to improve their hand skills, the topics like computer application, pattern making, and surface techniques enhance their knowledge about the technicality of the industry. Plus, a small internship gives a reality check to the student.

After completing the second year, the students move towards complex technologies in the third year. The knowledge of computerized knitting, pattern making, Draping and construction enhances the expertise of the students. Finally, a craft survey and documentation project are given along with a few other knitting projects.

The final year is the time when the students get a broader perspective of the industry. The professionalism and the art of marketing and management are two main aspects learned in this semester. Plus, the students get into research on their selected subjects and submit a project at the end of the session.

The scope after the course

The course makes you well-equipped to work in different sections of the industry. You can pursue different career paths such as a Designer, Manager, Merchandiser and much more.

So, if there is a dream in your heart of creating a strong career in the knitting design industry, come to ICAD. We have exceptional technologies to prepare you for the renowned entrance exams.




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