B.Des Fashion Communication

With the rise of multinational brands in India, the need of communication professionals has increased to a great extent. They provide their expertise in creating and maintaining the name and fame of a brand. It is they who bring the fashion in front of the common people and allow them to know about the brands and its offerings.

Focused on the needs of the industry, B.Des (Fashion Communicationis a four-year long degree program introduced by the institutes. It can be looked as the Mass Communication, solely focused on the fashion industry. It covers all aspects of fashion communication such as Fashion journalism, styling, photography, advertising, exhibition design, and public relations.

The structure of the program

The program is divided into four parts, which takes four years to complete.

The first year of the course introduces all aspects of the Fashion Communication and allow the students to get an idea of all parts of the job.

On the other hand, the second year allows the students to dig a little deeper and know about the fundamentals of communication in detail. The communication tools and methods are introduced along with the History and Philosophy of Design. On the other side, the students enhance their skills in writing, computer application, graphic design, design methodology, photography, and visual merchandising. Finally, the studies of consumer behaviour are taught, focused towards the fashion industry only.

It is the third year when the students learn the capacity to bring their own creativity in all of the fashion related functions. The problem-solving capacity also takes shape during this time period and the students gather a deep understanding of the industry. Along with the detailed knowledge, the students also required to work on different projects related to Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Styling, Photography, and Fashion Journalism. Finally, the students get to understand the different sections of the fashion industry by working as an intern.

The final year allows the students to specialize and research in their interested area.

The scope after the course

The communication skills achieved by this course can be applied in all sections of the fashion industry.

At ICAD, we will introduce you to all the professional expertise of the Fashion Communication.



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