B.Des Accessory Design

Bringing the exposure of the accessory industry, B.Des (Accessory Designis a unique degree program offered by the department of Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories. From designing to the market dynamics, the course lets the student become a professional in the accessory design. It provides the expertise in all the trends of the design methodologies and allows the students to get all the knowledge of different aspects of the accessory industry.

The course introduces all kinds of materials that are famously employed in the accessory designing. Precious metals, leather items, footwear, tableware, silverware, and many other accessories are included in the curriculum of the course. However, students can specialize in a particular role such as design, management, marketing, or technological issues.

The structure of the program

The overall structure of the course includes all kinds of accessory designing techniques that go deeper and deeper every year.

The first year is solely dedicated to the common foundation of Accessory Design.

In the second year, students develop their skills in the principle of sizes and proportions and gather insight on all types of materials used in the accessory industry. Apart from that, students also get to understand the Indian as well as global fashion trends of the different accessory industries. A little knowledge of the marketing and management is also introduced during this period.

The third year teaches the students about creating unique accessories by employing technical expertise and fashion trends. The ability to create realistic designs with limited resources is another skill, which they learn in the third year. Finally, the manufacturing techniques and market dynamics are added too, so that, students can improve their industrial abilities.

The final year allows the students to understand professional values and project handling skills. This is the time when they get ready to face the real scenarios of the industry. A broad approach of the industry is provided in order to enhance the design capability of the students.

The scope after the degree

With different specialization, a student can work in different sectors such as costume jewellery design, leather good manufacturing, designers, watch industry, footwear and much more.

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