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For all the students who want to pursue their career in the designing and fashion, NIFT offers some specialized courses. All the courses are designed to prepare the student for the real-world scenarios of the industry. With a focused content and course direction, students get to achieve high posts in the fashion industry. Some serve top-class corporations, while others start their own venture and move towards the path of entrepreneurship.

The bachelor programs offered by the NIFT have six specialization courses. Students can choose their favourite topic and get their degree from a renowned platform.

1. B. Des (Fashion Design)

The fashion design specialization offers students both technical and marketing knowledge of the fashion industry. The student gets to understand the requirements of Indian and the international clothing market. Different categories of apparel design and the technology used in the industry are also the part of this course. Along with all that, the students are trained to master the creative approach towards the fashion designing.

2. B. Des (Leather Design)

This specialization provides the exposure of the leather industry, design and the technology and equipment used. Along with this, the students also get to know about the marketing techniques through internships.

3. B. Des (Accessory Design)

This program covers all aspects of the accessory design of the lifestyle products, leather goods, costume jewellery, footwear, giftware, silverware, and many other products.

4. B. Des (Textile Design)

This specialization equips the student with all the education of the textile industry. The course helps in the advancement of the skills of the students and allows them to expand their knowledge.

5. B. Des (Knitwear Design)

The course is structured to provide future requirements of knitwear industry in India.

6. B. Des (Fashion Communication)

The fashion communication covers all the aspects such as styling, photography, advertising, public relations, and journalism.


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