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National Institute of Fashion Technology is the most prestigious name, providing fashion courses in India. Students from all over the country try their best to get the selection and secure a strong career in the field of fashion. The degrees offered by these institutes offer great distinction in the industry and allow the person to make a mark for himself. Many of the renowned fashion designers of the country have come out from this institute. It is the quality of education and depth of skills provided during the degree course, which makes it a prestigious place to learn.

Prepare to be the best

With a single goal of providing high-quality coaching, ICAD makes it possible for you to become the best and secure great ranks in your NIFT entrance examination. Providing professional faculty to the student who wants to secure a good rank in the entrance exam, we ensure that you get the maximum out of your preparation time.

Our courses are designed according to the structure of the entrance exam, which let you focus your preparation strategy towards the goal. The experienced teachers help you enhance your designing skills along with the knowledge of the subjects that hold importance in the examination.

Pick a suitable course for yourself

We offer different types of courses for students who want to prepare for this entrance exam. The motto is to reduce the clutter and allow the student to concentrate solely on the right topics that need to be prepared.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology provides all sorts of bachelor and master courses. All the courses require different kinds of skills, which is why students are tested accordingly. Hence, we make sure that you get the top quality and relevant training to crack the entrance with amazing marks.

Come and join us

We are always there to provide our expertise and high-end technologies for your preparation. With us, you can improve your creative approach and enhance your hand skills. We let you see the designing industry through new unique approach. So, don’t wait! Come and join ICAD to give a strategical approach to your preparations.


About Us

Art and design is practise based discipline. At Indus College of Arts & Design, we provide practical classroom coaching in a pragmatic approach for entrance exam of NIFT, NID, CEED, PEARL, IIAD, UID, FDDI & other top design institutes. read more

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