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The designing is the most necessary phase of any kind product. The thoughts become the product when the right designing skills work on the ideas. Hence, the industry requires a set of people who can create the designs that are not just innovative, but also effective in making the lifestyle of the modern people more efficient. Here comes the need for creative thinking and adaptability.

The post-graduation program on Universal Design offered by NID has a curriculum that adds more value to the professional qualification of the person. The program focuses on the Universal Design thinking, Research work, Strategic Approach, the use of latest technologies, and the cultural scenarios of the society. The semesters start with the introduction of the concepts, then, move to more complex topics and study material. At the end of the program, the students achieve the ability to create ideas that suit the social, technical, and marketing scenarios.

The agenda of the program

The agenda of the program is to develop the creative thinking ability of the students. And this is done by exposing them to the history of the designing. Plus, the challenges and the possibilities of the modern scenarios are introduced in front of the students. The students learn to achieve sustainable solutions for the problems that come in designing job. This is what makes them capable of working effectively in the industry.

The scope after completing the program

The rise of the marketing competition has increased the need for universal designers. Even business leaders require the information and suggestions of the professionals. Hence, one can start working as the design expert after completing the program. Many managers get this qualification to add more value to their professional profile. They want to become more aware of the technology and manufacturing techniques. This is what gets them higher posts in reputed companies.

Want to design?! Prepare at ICAD

We, at ICAD, offer you NID Universal Design courses, so that, you can prepare for the examination in a better way. The expertise of the faculty and the educational environment of our Universal Design Coaching Classes are the best things to prepare for the examination.

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