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The transportation and automobile industry requires passionate designers, who can bring the most innovative ideas to the table. They need to have the knowledge of the responsibilities along with the extraordinary skills of designing effective automobile designs. This requires a surrounding that can develop the passion and capabilities of a person into reliable skills and the professionalism. Hence, NID offers Transportation & Automobile program for the students who want to make innovative contributions in the industry.

NID offers Transportation and Automobile Design program that enables the students for the professional designing work in the industry. The practical approach of the program enhances the skills of the students and develops the confidence of the working. Plus, the knowledge regarding the aesthetics, mobility, human factors and other essential elements are introduced to the students too. This is what prepares them to immediately start working in the industry after the completion of the program.

The agenda of the program

The idea of the program is to create professionals who know all the requirements of the industry and have the ability to bring new innovative designs. The knowledge provided during the program prepares the students to solve the challenges of the industry. The professional designers are required who can improve their designs according to the changing urban lifestyle. The program aims to provide that kind of professionals to the industry.

The scope after the completion of the program

The understanding of the exterior and interior design of the vehicles equips the students to find reputed posts in the industry. It is the live projects provided to the students that let them directly start working with the giant automobile companies just after completing the program. The students can start their career as the professional designers and serve large companies with their talent and skills.

Kick start your career with ICAD

When it comes to the NID Transportation & Automobile Design coursesICAD becomes your best option. This is due to the availability of the right technology and expertise here. You can ensure a strong training in one of the prestigious institutes by joining our Transportation & Automobile design coaching classes.


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