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The technology keeps changing and evolving. This change brings new benefits in the lifestyle of the humankind. However, it solely depends on the exposure of the designers in various sections that brings the technology to the lives of common people. This requires the professional designers to have the knowledge and awareness of the art, craft, design, technology, and the demands of the people. Here comes the New Media Design program offered by NID.

The New Media Design program is all about knowing all aspects of designing along with the awareness of the latest technologies and the upcoming technical enhancements. New Media program lies in the centre of art, creativity, science, technology and design. It creates the links between all the factors and prepares the students to contribute to the industry with innovative ideas.

The agenda of the program

The objective of the program has multiple layers. It combines the relationship between the technology and society with the judgment of using the right technology at the right place. Plus, the students are prepared for the future enhancements in the technology that can become really helpful for their professional career. The students explore the possibilities of the available technology and learn to examine all the available informationcritically as well. The idea is to make them a strong asset for the complex challenges of the industry.

The scope after completing the program

Once you have completed your program, so many career options come in front of you. The requirement of talented new media designers is very high in the current evolving scenarios of the lifestyle of the people and the technology. Almost all kinds of production companies look out for reliable professionals who can become their problem solver regarding the designs.

Surround yourself with creative minds at ICAD

The best way to induce creative abilities is by surrounding yourself with the creative minds. Our experienced faculty members of the NID Media Design courses suit best for your creative development. The Media Design coaching classes give you the environment that you require to prepare for the examination.

So, come to ICAD and achieve new heights of creativity!



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