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The information technology has become a vital part of the dissemination of the information. The efficiency and the reach of the technology have made it very convenient for the organizations to achieve their goals regarding the information accessibility and the promotion. However, the requirement of visualization of the information is one of the important factors that requires talented professionals. This has given rise to a new kind position in the companies. The professional experts in Information Design are required to reach the audience effectivelythrough different media.

NID offers the program in Information Design that provides the knowledge of the design procedure, business scenarios, visual communication, information graphics, thematic cartography, interactive information, and other topics. The theoretical knowledge is combined with the practical approach through different projects. The researching work enhances the capacities of the students and prepares them for the real-world scenarios.


The agenda of the program

The idea of the program is to bring the best talents in the industry who can provide innovative solutions for the information visualization. The curriculum includes all aspects of the visual designing. The complexity of the knowledge gradually increases during the program, which ensures the critical improvement of the students.

The scope after completing the program

There is a huge requirement of the passionate and skilled professionals in the information design industry. Large companies related to media sectors like print, digital, and others look for the visual designers. One can work in a media company or start a new entrepreneurial journey as well. The specialists are needed in the information industry.

We show you the right path

If you desire to become a part of the industry with a prestigious degree in hand, then, ICAD has the right path for you. Our NID Information Design courses have been really helpful for the future professionals. Many students have prepared in ICAD and now working in reputed companies. Our Information Design coaching classes bring stability to your preparation and allow you to achieve the right mindset to score well in the examination.

So, come to us and give yourself the right path. Call us for more information! 



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