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The technological enhancements in the world continuously effect and evolve the scenarios in the industry of graphic design. Hence, the upcoming professionals need to have a thorough knowledge of the current as well as the future scenarios of the Graphic Design industry. The knowledge of latest technologies along with the future possibilities is highly important to survive for a long time in the industry.

Keeping this in mind, NID offers a program for the students who want to excel in the field of Graphic Design. The program compiles all the necessary knowledge of the traditional skills along with the use of the latest techniques and tools. The creativity of the students gets enhanced in terms of the drawing. Plus, they get to learn about the development of aesthetic judgment, proportion, and the style of images and texts.

The agenda of the program

The curriculum is designed in such a manner that students can easily join the industry just after completing the program. This becomes possible due to the practical approach of the curriculum that allows the students to work on different kinds of projects. The variety of projects makes the students highly creative in making their own effective decisions regarding a project. The students get to select a sub-domain among typography & type design, image making, illustration, photography, print design, corporate identity, branding, publication design, and information & communication systems in the digital medium.

The scope after completing the course

After completing the course, students get to work in the wide industry of graphic design. Branding, design, publications, and many communication media offer great jobs for the qualified graphic designers. The prestigious platform equips you to become useful for the industry due to the thorough practical and theoretical knowledge.

Graph your educational path with ICAD

We, at ICAD, let you graph your educational path with our NID Graphic Design coursesWhen you join us, you achieve a sense of calm of having the right people around to guide you. The professionals who have been for years in the field of graphic design come to teach you.

So, join our Graphic Design Coaching Classes and prepare for the examination better.



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