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IICD (Indian Institute of Crafts and Design)

IICD (Indian Institute of Crafts and Design)

The Indian Institute of Crafts and Design offers multiple courses for the undergraduates and postgraduates in Jaipur.

More about IICD

The Institute is widely known for its evolving educational structure. IICD has created the most valuable environment for the students looking professional career in crafts and design. Multiple courses in diploma, certificate, UG, and PG are available in various specific fields of design and craft sectors.

With the constant innovation and the practical approach, the institution provides a nurturing environment. The students not only understand the cultural effect on crafts and design but also learn to effectively use the latest technology to fulfil industry needs. The experimentation allows the students’ free spirit to explore their own unique creativity.

Undergraduate Courses Available at IICD

1. Fired Material Application (FMA)

The program offers the comprehensive study in ceramics. The Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta, and Porcelain clays are covered. The students work on these materials and learn firing, glazing, fusing, decoration and surface designing.

The artistic practice in the laboratories cultivates the hand skills, while the classroom projects build the understanding of designing techniques.

2. Hard Material Application (HMA)

The program covers the materials like wood, metal, and stone. The students get to learn the techniques and methods to produce quality designs. The processes and the knowledge of the traditional design techniques cover the Indian craft repertoire. Along with the skill enhancement, the course also provides extensive study and research on the design techniques.

After completing the course, one can start a career as a crafts designer or a researcher in one of the many organizations and design houses. However, many like to start their own entrepreneurial journey after the degree.

3. Soft Material Application (SMA)

Covering the materials such as textile, leather, paper, and natural fiber, this program creates professionals in the industry. The students get to know the traditional and modern design techniques. The exposure to the latest technology and the practical approach of the program helps the students to evolve their skills and creative mindset to work as a professional.

The understanding of the market dynamics is provided as well, so that, the students can bring out the most effective design solutions. The ability to use the maximum out of the available resources and create sustainable designs for the society are a few of the traits that a student achieves during the program.

4. Fashion Design (FD)

Craft techniques have become a prominent part of the fashion industry. This program focuses on bringing the superior technical skills in the students. World scene of the crafts is introduced to the students, which allows them to explore their inner abilities better. The technology used in the industry along with the techniques are taught to the students. This way, they prepare themselves for the real industry scenarios. The fieldwork with professionals further enhances the abilities and skills of the students.

Post Graduate courses available at IICD

1. Fired Material Specialization (FMS)

The postgraduate program in fired material covers the Ceramics such as Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta, Porcelain. The teaching includes the aesthetics and techniques of ceramic design, which develops the artistic ceramic abilities. The projects and seminars cultivate the planning capacities and the understanding of the industry scenarios as well.

2. Hard Material Specialization (HMS)

Covering materials such as wood, metals, and stone, this PG program allows the students to work on many allied materials. The students learn to carefully create designs keeping the crafts aesthetics excellent. The sensibilities of the designs evolve the individual abilities regarding the style, concept. The techniques given by the professionals allow the students to approach their maximum creative potentials.

3. Soft Material Specialization (SMS)

The program lets the students explore the materials like textile, paper, leather, and natural fibers. The knowledge of the traditional and modern designs are introduced along with the various designing techniques. With the constant practice on multiple tools, the students cultivate the problem-solving capacities with their unique design solutions. Then, the research work broadens the horizons, which makes them the master of the techniques.

Admission Criteria

1. For the admission in the undergraduate programs, the candidate needs to have passing marks in 12th standard.

2. For the admission in postgraduate programs, the candidate needs to have a degree or any other equivalent.

However, it would be better to check out the specific requirements of the specializations.

Admission dates (Notification and final admission)

We provide you all information regarding the admission dates and notifications of the IICD.

Why Join ICAD for admission in IICD

We, at ICAD, help you cultivate the creative approach towards the craft and design. Our experienced faculty focuses on the handy skills along with the knowledge of the craft and materials. This way, you achieve the correct mindset to perform your best during the entrance examination.

Being surrounded by the creative minds, you find the true potential of yourself. We channelize your talent towards the right path and clear all your doubts regarding your abilities.

So, if you desire to achieve your dreams and become a leading designer, get a kick start at ICAD.

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